Corridor Digital Webseries, TETHER, Stunningly Suspenseful

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Corridor Digital Webseries TETHER, Keeps You on Edge

Mysterious Pilot Webisode

Corridor Digital, may or may not be a familiar name to you now, but in the coming months/years it probably will be. They’re a duo of two talented folks who’ve managed to make some truly amazing stuff already, like their Modern Warfare 3 Machinima web series. If you pursue their channel you’ll find a number of short films, shot with near production quality vfx that are all worth taking a look at. Their latest project which they’ve recently released, is their pilot for a new webseries, TETHER; a post-apocalyptic sci-fi thriller.

Their idea for a series called, TETHER, began roughly two years ago. They created a virtual world, with multiple story lines, to give themselves a big enough environment to make an awesome web series. Unfortunately the plan fell through with Machinima, until recently when Machinima contacted them again saying they’d like to make a pilot episode for the series. Well the two friends wrote out the script, did all the concept art, and everything…when the project fell through yet again.

But instead of leaving it alone, they decided that they’d put too much work into the story to have it be a no-show. So they funded the pilot episode out of their own pockets, to give you guys a taste of what the series could be. This is a true, Corridor Digital, production, from the ground up. Let’s hope it stays independent, for the sake of how original this series promises to be.


My own reaction; I was hooked. It took about a minute for the suspense to really build for me, but once it did, oh man, did it ever. There’s a good portion of the pilot where you don’t really know exactly what is going on, but it’s just so suspenseful you end up forgiving them. However, with the way the story is set up, I kind of thought this would just going to be a re-hash of another b-rated Zombie series, like a webisode spin-off of, The Walking Dead.

I’m tired of Zombies. I got enough of, Zombies, in high-school when my friend would say, “let’s make a Zombie film!” and then we never would. Not to mention, Zombies, seem to be everywhere lately. So I truly hope this is not another Zombie show.

Other than that, I’d say this thing is fantastic and if they ever start taking donations for a new episode, you should consider being one of those donors.