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Hello everyone! Welcome to the world of gaming! I’m your host, Ellie! ^.^ Here we will talk about the world of video games in all shapes and sizes. New or old, difficult or easy, each and every single one has a special place in our … Read More

The Best Computer Cooling Systems

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Computer Cooling Systems Marko Bekric   The cooling system is required in every computer in order for it to work properly. Its components produce a waste, heat, and the cooling system works in order to neutralize that heat output. Although in the future scientists are … Read More

Best Office Distractions, Zombie Edition

Karl Is WrightWeb Games

So last night, I was up late studying for a physics test, when I discovered it…plant’s vs zombies. I realized I should’ve been putting my time to better use, nonetheless I delved in anyway. The tutorial in the beginning was a little slow, and it’s … Read More