Chatbot Argues With Self, Tries to Prove God Exists

Karl Is WrightA.I., Internet Chat

Two bots discuss philosophy (troll each other)

Just in case you ever wondered what it would be like, to pit the ultimate troll up against itself, it looks something like this…

The video above is part of a project in August of 2011, by 2 Ph.D students, Igor Labutov and Jason Yosinski. They wanted to see what would happen if you took the wildly popular Cleverbot and had it talk to itself. But they wanted to conversation to feel like it was between two humanoid entities. So they used a text-to-speech translator to translate what each bot said into speech, and then back into text for the other bot to read. After the audio of the two bots talking to one another was recorded, lip-synced avatars were added, to give the whole thing a more absurd realistic feel.

You can read more about it here, The IEEE news source

Or start your own trolling conversation with the Cleverbot and see what you can get it to say.