Backup and Restore Google 2-Step Authenticator APP on Android [ROOT]

Karl Is WrightAndroid, DIY

Short post, this is a quick way to backup and restore the sign-in codes you have stored on your Google Authenticator App.



Your phone must be rooted

you need either a file-manager or a terminal emulator



open your Android Terminal Emulator APP (or equivalent).


root@android:/storage/emulated/0 # su
root@android:/storage/emulated/0 # mkdir google-auth-backup
root@android:/storage/emulated/0 # cd google-auth-backup/ 
root@android:/storage/emulated/0/google-auth-backup/ # cp -R /data/data/ ./
root@android:/storage/emulated/0/google-auth-backup # ls


The folder, or files, that we really care about are in databases/ [databases; databases-journal]

These files contain the data to restore your 2-step login codes. You can either restore these files or view them in a txt editor and look for the account codes and just re-enter them into Google Authenticator on your new phone.