Root the HTC One (M7) without warranty loss!

Dominik StößelAndroid, Mobile Technology

You own a HTC One and you have thought about rooting your device for more freedom and nearly unlimited possibilities? The only thing that has prevented you from doing so was the loss of your warranty because of having to unlock through HTC dev? Here is the solution!

The solution is called S-Off. All normal HTC Ones are shipped with S-On, so you can’t flash a custom recovery or anything else without unlocking your mobile phone through HTC dev previously. The big disadvantage of HTC dev is that HTC saves your information and might decline a warranty – repair. Now it’s possible to S-Off the One of it is still on Android 4.1, but the developers are already working on a S-Off solution for 4.2.2 / 4.3.

To get started you need the following files:


Here you can see, how to unlock your device. Unlocking is needed before you are able to flash a custom recovery and finally root your device.

Afterward you can flash the recovery itself and root your device:

Last but not least you can flash a custom ROM. I choose the ViperOne ROM, but it works in the same way with a panoply of ROMs.


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments.