Arduino a beginning to the robotic age

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Arduino and Atmega Chip

An Arduino with an Atmega chip

The future is Robotic. The robotic future is Arduino. Have you ever wished to build that oh so cool invention of yours. Maybe its that cool toy for the holiday sales. Or you did not want to pay an electrician to fix your door bell thinking to your self “This is an easy enough job for an intelligent person like my self. More important have you dreamed above and beyond by manufacturing your own Quad copter, Boat, Self driving car, or anything the imagination may possess. The Arduino is the right fit for you. With its small and sleek design to its major power and flexibility. The Arduino will make any Idea big or small into reality


The humble begging of Arduino do not dictate its future design and capabilities. Arduino was started in Italy by college students hoping to make a cheap micro controller for the use of many. Today the Arduino runs off modified version of C boot loaded into its Atmega 32bit chip. With this revolutionary step one no longer had to write assembly language to program chips. Assembly being one of the most hard programming languages next to Binary. With its basic design but massive power the sky is the limit.


A Breathalyzer testing. You guessed it a test that make sure you are not drunk. Plug it in to make sure your operator is not drunk. Are you a boss for a major company? Make your employees take a breath test to turn on the computer. They come in to many time drunk and they get fired for lack of productivity. Want a cheap breath test for that teen that thinks he can drink and drive. No more buster the folks can now make sure you come home sober. The applications are very useful and the breath test is a simple one

Remember the first Game boy by Nintendo. With its at the time great graphics. Playing games like Poke Mon, Dig Dug, Super Mario and more. Well today you don’t have to spend a fortune to get those same games back. Today make a game boy of your own with Arduino. Play .GBA files on a DIY Game Boy downloading them straight to a micro SD. Be the hipster by playing games the rest of the world have not heard of since the 90’s. Have a wave of nostalgia hit right in the face. Act like a senior by saying “ When I was a kid these were the only games available to me”. Most of all have fun with it.

Interested in social networking. Well have an Arduino alarm alert you when somebody has commented or interacted with your page on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Email and any social network. Just received 100,000 followers on twitter? Have Arduino play a song with you. Using a Ethernet shield the Arduino can analyze and respond to websites and their functionality.

The harp is a big instrument and often times an annoying one. you normally hear it at weddings when everybody secretly is making comments on the new married couple. No more! Futurize and spaz things up with an electric harp. Make cool sounds and easy movements with the Ardiuno based electric harp. Everybody will be too distracted by how awesome this new instrument is to make gossip by the cake. The best part it is completely strung by light. That’s right when you fingers block light from getting through to the sensor the harp makes a sound. This in turn of being awesome allows for easy transportation and cool exotic sounds.

The list above me is just a few flavors of the entire Arduino universe. The best part about Arduino is that the big bang just happened allowing for millions a pun millions of new cool projects to be built and created. In Arduino and the DIY community any thing is possible. A great quote that Steve Jobs had said is “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”. This is the motto of Arduino