David Bugnon, “I Am Compelled to Fight” – Something is Very Wrong Here – UPDATED

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One of these “paintings” is too much like the other


One of these paintings just doesn’t, belong. David Bugnon, a painter who puts strong conservative overtones in many of his works, is in the news again over his recently released painting of the late Andrew Breitbart. Now I know what you’re thinking, that this isn’t a political website, and you’re right…but just bear with me here.

So here is the image, as shown on Patriot Depo.

The Patriot Depo claims that this is, “The Painting Obama Fears”. As you can see, the (very scary) painting depicts the late Andrew Breitbart as a Teutonic Knight up in the Heavens. Now, whether or not it’s a good painting, or even a painting at all, is another story. So let’s get into the details;

  • As one astute commenter pointed out, the belt buckle is on the wrong side “like a girl”
  • Notice the contours along Breitbart’s face
  • In proportion to the rest of the body, Breitbart’s head is either too large, or he’s sporting some short stubby arms
  • Can we all agree the wavy hair needs to go?

However it was first spotted by a commenter on Mock, Paper Scissors that perhaps the whole darn thing is just a crappy Photoshop job. A look at some concept art from Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood simply destroys any claim to originality this David Bugnon fellow might have claimed. Would anyone be surprised at this point if it turns out even Breitbart’s face is a copy / paste?

I’ve created a comparison between the two images below, so that you can more fully appreciate David Bugnon’s Master Paste Painting (see what I did there?)

Bugnon himself did note that the image is technically not a painting at all, though he does insist that many of the elements are his own original creations. A quick browse through his Facebook reveals he’s no stranger to creating photo mash-ups.

Perhaps what makes this mockery of a political statements all the more laughable is the $3,999.95 label attached to the special, giclee on canvas 36″ x 48″ edition. At that price, surely Ubisoft should be getting royalties, right?

At this point there is a fair debate as to whether or not the image is an infringement of copyright, or if it falls under, “Fair Use”. Personally, I am of a mind to say that the original context of the image has been sufficiently changed to make a compelling case on David Bugnon’s behalf. Though that doesn’t quiet excuse the $3,999.95 price tag on a very poorly (and disproportionately I might add) executed Photoshop photo-mash-up.

Though to be fair, not all of the conservative crowd is buying that this is some sort of masterpiece. Even a lot of Breitbart’s fans feel this image was poorly done.

Of course, in the end, it hasn’t really stopped many of David Bugnon’s fans from proudly boasting of the piece. No doubt they aim to intimidate a much younger more Adobe literate generation (BACK YOU LIBS, BACK! BACK!) hoping they will cower at the might of the Marque Select Tool, and the awesome abilities of the Spot Healing Brush.



I’ve been alerted by other bloggers on the internetz that there’s been a minor development in the story. Seems that, for a time at least, while the scandal was unfolding, David Bugnon’s website, Facebook & Twitter had gone offline for a while. Well, his website and twitter feed are back up now. He’s released an apology, to all offended parties concerned,

Regarding the Andrew Breitbart Picture

I started it on the day he died. I thought Andrew was a warrior for the truth and I was very sad to hear of his passing. I was inspired to do a photo “chop” tribute for Andrew. Photo “chopping is an art form, it’s what I do. I never intended to market the picture and did not want to refer to it as a painting (it’s a photo manipulation in combination with illustration and rendering), and I never put a price tag on it, I was just was going to post in on Freaking News for a Photoshop contest. My main error in judgement was signing a release for it to be sold, (50% of the proceeds were to go to the Breitbart children’s fund). I sincerely regret my decision and apologize to everyone involved, those that pre-ordered and those offended by the use of a portion of the copyrighted image.

You can read the rest of what he had to say, on his home page.


Personally, while I do think what he did was wrong, I’m done being outraged by it. They fellow makes it clear on his website that he specializes in photo – manipulation services and lists himself for hire. I’d say if there’s any scandal left in this, it’s between David Bugnon, Ubitsoft (because let’s face it, it’s not like original artist owns it), and all those poster pre-order folk.

[via wonkette via passthedoucheys]