Electronics Fanboy Sponsors, Beats Nation House Music Social Network

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Electronics Fanboy Sponsors Beats Nation


Just a quick update to let everyone know we’ve just sponsored Beats Nation, an electronic, house, techno, dubstep music social network. They keep their members in-the-know for all things techno events happening in the Miami FL area. You can find their CEO chillin’ at some of the best night clubs and sometimes he brings the crew with him. Be sure to like them on Face Book, and follow them on Twitter!

As head of Electonics Fanboy, I love techno, house, & dupstep, they make me think about, well, electronics! So I decided to do a little promotion of my favorite dupstep podcast, the only, the only, The Going Quantom Podcast, as well as a few other good groups, enjoy!


[via Beats Nation]