Great 8-Bit Music From Keygens, Free Downloads

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Great-8-Bit in Unexpected Places

We all know what keygens are, or at least most of us do; programs designed to circumvent the copy-write protections of various software, illegally. However, one thing you would not expect to find, amidst the many copy-write infringements, is great 8-bit music, sometimes also called Chiptune. Some of these songs are even composed by the programming groups themselves, while others are taken from old, old school video games (like the Amiga).

A couple of sites keep records on all the many, many different 8-bit songs you can download, for free (no surprise there). Amiga Music Collection, lets you download pretty much every song ever composed for the Amiga, or, if you’re not the downloading type, head over to KeygenJukebox and you can listen to keygen soundtrack in the java webplayer all you like; and relax – there are no keygens to be found on these sites, just some great-8-bit.

Should you decide to save some of these tunes to your portable hdd, the musics files are in .mod format. You’ll need either the DeliPlayer, or, my preference, XMPlay; the last one being less obtrusive and requires no install.

Lastely, we have some great 8-bit in regular old .mp3 format, which you can find over at the, Grayscale Project, featuring about 61 songs from various 8-bit artists.

Something else that seems to work well is a port of the Death Waltz (Un Owen it Was Her) converted to 8-bit,



[Featured image comes via The State, with a lengthy article on the history of 8-bit. Electronics Fanboy does not condone the use of keygens; they are illegal.]