Netherlands Company PAL-V Introduces Flying Car

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PAL-V Flying Car

In the Netherlands, a company, known as PAL-V, has released a video of its prototype, the PAL-V-One, successfully flying in the air. The car is designed to comply with all national traffic regulations (ie it’s street legal), but for those days when you just cannot bear to sit there right in front of the Tacoma Bridge with just 10mins left to get to work on time…well, this baby can have it’s propellers out and ready to go in minutes.
The vehicle isn’t all pluses though; for one, it still uses gas (sorry green fans). They do, however, have plans for biodiesel and bio-ethanol versions to be released later on (again, not very impressive).
You can pull about 350 – 500km flying time (roughly 311 miles), and about 1,200 km driving time (about 746 miles). That’s not bad mileage.
The PAL-V-ONE flies using a giant rotary propeller (helicopter propeller) for lift, and a push propeller to gain forward momentum.
The car is expected to start shipping in 2014… should be interesting.