GoFlow Provides DIY Transcranial direct-current stimulation (tDCS)

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There’s an awesome new gadget out there. Unfortunately, you can’t get your hands on the actual gadget itself. It seems the makers tried to put their project on Kickstarter, but their fund-raiser was rejected. However, the schematics have been open-sourced so you could theoretically replicate it on your own.

The gadget itself is called the GoFlow, it provides Transcranial direct-current stimulation (tDCS), and in case you don’t understand what that means; it means friggin’ awesome. tDCS, is a method in which electricity is used to increase blood flow to certain areas of the brain, thus increasing neural abilities, creativity & IQ points even.

A lot of this fits into something called, biohacking, basically it’s hacking, but instead of hacking a computer, your hacking your own body.

The GoFlow website also claims that the US Army and DARPA use tDCS devices for training, and they report a 2.5x increase in the rate of learning for the person using the device.

The GoFlow has already been featured on other websites as well, sites like, ExtremeTech, Technology Review and Gizmodo. One thing to note here, is that the very sites listed on the GoFlow website that reviewed the gadget, are also emphasizing how dangerous DIY tDCS is, and they are absolutely right. tDCS is very dangerous when done by an amateur, although it can be very safe when done by a professional. While I agree with sites like Gizmodo and Technology Review about how dangerous this stuff is, I do believe that it is going to get safer (much safer) and that DIY homebrew tDCS is going to be in our near future. To anyone looking to make their own homebrew tDCS device, I would strongly urge caution if you are not a professional, after-all you are messing with the only brain you have, and the longterm effects of tDCS are unknown.

Now, look below for pretty pics:

GoFlow is future of innovationGoFlow Home tDCS kitGoFlow Home tDCS kitGoFlow Home tDCS kitGoFlow Home tDCS kitGoFlow Home tDCS kit

Be sure to check out the GoFlow website for more.