SELFISH DNA: A Probable Tool to Understand Aging

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Selfish DNA Holding us Back? Oregon State University recently carried out a biological research on a kind of nematode namely, Caenorhabditis briggsae. During their research, scientists accidentally stumbled across a mitochondria DNA type, Selfish DNA. This DNA is involved in harming the organism and lessening … Read More

Is Effective Universal Flu Vaccine Now Achievable?


A Universal Vaccine For All Influenza Possible? The latest research done by the Crucell and the Scripps institute regarding influenza virus type A and B has yielded surprising results. Across the globe, institutes have been trying to develop some vaccine that is effective against the … Read More

Genetically Modified Olympians

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Olympic Gene Doping?

Cheat Nature with Genes? Scientists have discovered ways of transferring genetic material into human beings. Researchers at University of Pennsylvania have created mice that had enormous muscles and strength even in old age. These mice were created by injecting IGF 1 (insulin growth factor), which … Read More