Gene that stops cancer cell from proliferating discovered

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Gene Stops Cancer Cells Proliferation

Gene that stops cancer cell from proliferating discovered,

Gene Stops Cancer Cells Proliferation
Finally after years of research and efforts scientists have finally found a gene, chk1 that can completely stop cells from proliferating. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine have been credited with finding the gene.

This discovery has opened a completely new pathway in cancer treatment. It was shown by the researchers that active mutant form of chk 1 stopped cells from proliferating. In their experiment they grew cancerous cells on petri dishes, and added chk1. After the addition of mutant form of chk1 the cells stopped proliferating. The most exciting thing about this discovery is decreased reliance on chemo therapeutic agents as well as radio therapy.  This is in itself, beneficial for the patients who would not have to undergo the torturous chemotherapeutic techniques and radiations.

Chk1 is a serine/threonine protein kinase which is required for checkpoint cell cycle arrest in response to DNA damage to un replicated DNA. It plays an important role in letting cell enter S  and G2 phase. Although it was predicted long ago that activating chk1 in cancer cells along with chemotherapy or radiations will improve results to a greater level.


Furthermore, many pharmaceutical firms have tried to find a chk 1 inhibitor which will provide more effective results when combined with chemotherapy and radiotherapy will. Even after so many scientific advancements in the field of drug design and treatment yet none of the chk1 inhibitor technique has been able to pass clinical phase III. This has not deterred scientists in scientists from experimenting and trying to discover a successful technique.

This research is still in its early days but it promises to be a huge success in years to come. Two major hurdles which will determine the success of this strategy is to find how to administer chk 1 mutant into human effectively and other is to search for small molecules which will change conformation of chk1 resulting in active form of chk1.