Is Effective Universal Flu Vaccine Now Achievable?


A Universal Vaccine For All Influenza Possible?

The latest research done by the Crucell and the Scripps institute regarding influenza virus type A and B has yielded surprising results. Across the globe, institutes have been trying to develop some vaccine that is effective against the various viral strains of the influenza virus. Now, the companies mentioned above have succeeded in developing three different antibodies that are capable of destroying all the viral strains of influenza virus type B.

Furthermore, one of the antibodies was also effective against the A strains of the virus. The research published in one of the journals titled ‘Science’ was conducted on mice and has the potential to develop a vaccine that acts universally against all the strains of influenza.
Back in 2008, Crucell along with scientists from Scripps Research and the University of Hong Kong conducted extensive investigation to develop broadly effective antibodies against the influenza A type 2 viruses and fully human broad-spectrum influenza A antibodies. Both these types of antibodies have the capability of neutralizing and destroying almost all the viral strains of Influenza type A.

Moreover, the development of the only antibody that is effective against both type A and type B viruses, namely CR9114, may play an important role in this struggle to provide immunity against Influenza universally. This goal has always been unattainable until now. With the latest progress in the development of antibodies that are effective against viral strain B along with the previous findings regarding Type A,scientists are hopeful that they would be able to make a vaccine that is effective and neutralizes ALL influenza strains hence, achieving the inevitable.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed for it will play a major role in the medical field, having a positive impact on people’s lives.

via Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News