Brain Teaser With A 3D Cube

Karl Is WrightBrain Teaser, Science

So here’s a fun brain teaser for you to try. You can use it to impress your friends once you have it figured out, and show them how smart you are.

Imagine a table, standing on four legs at about 1 meter high, 80cm wide, and 2 meters long.
Now imagine a cube, sitting on the table, that measures 30 cm all around.
Take your finger, and balance the cube by its point, so that one point of the cube rests under your finger while the other is balanced on the table, so that you could spin it.
Assuming that the surface of the table is made of a softer material, press the tip of the cube, straight down into the table, until it makes an indentation about 2cm deep.

Now draw a picture of that indentation.

Click the link when you’re ready to see if you got it right. -> Answer