What is RAID? – (A Full Explanation)

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This is a paper about what RAID is. It was written by Marko Bekric, for South East European University. It was submitted to Electronics Fanboy by the author to be posted. Redundant Array of Independent Disks [RAID] By, Marko Bekric ABSTRACT In the need of … Read More

Tips to fix, ‘sound card not working’

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‘No Audio Device’ is the common error message that occurs when your system is not able to detect any audio device connected to it. It is obviously frustrating, when you know the audio device is connected, but the system doesn’t detect it. There could be … Read More

Get the Best Graphics Cards on a Budget

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Today’s graphics cards are changing the gaming experience. Playing on your PC with a great graphics card can easily compete with the graphics on any current gaming consoles –and with the next gen of consoles not coming out until the end of 2013 at the … Read More