How a Bluetooth Module Can Bring Life to Your Old Speakers

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In recent times we have become increasingly aware of how important it is for us to dock our iPhone to our speakers, to pump out our music at our own free-will. This has meant that a lot of old faithful quality speakers have become disposable to us, purely because they do not have this function. But before you take that trip down to your local recycling center, did you know that you can bring life to your speakers with the introduction of Bluetooth technology?

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You can now buy a device that is simply made up of a 4 watt amplifier, a USB port, two outputs and a Bluetooth wireless module. The device is known as The Vamp and is soon to be released. This beautifully designed device allows you to beam music to your speaker via your smartphone, tablet or any other Bluetooth-enabled mp3 device. What’s most incredible about this is the use of the amplifier within the small red box that will sit on top of your old faithful speaker. The amplifier within the device will allow you up to 10 hours listening time without recharging, and connects to your speakers via speaker cord connection or headphone to headphone jack.

What will this mean for you?

For you this means saving money on buying a new set of speakers and still being able to control your music from the comfort of your bed or wherever you may be sitting. No more need to walk across the room to your tethered smartphone or iPod to change that track you keep forgetting to take off your playlist.

This technology also adds a little something to your home sound system and will always bring up conversation when you throw a party next time, as your guests can’t help but wonder what the device is for.

If the weather is good you can even bring the speaker outside and bring atmosphere and life to the party. You could be sunbathing whilst enjoying the quality sound your speakers have always given you, and the best part is everyone else can hear it too.

It also means that if you do not already own a set of speakers, you can pick up a set very inexpensively from a second hand shop, and easily turn them into your wireless music sound system.

Bluetooth technology continues to develop every day. Abracon provides the highest quality Bluetooth modules for a variety of appliances.

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