ODroid-X Linux Mini-PC 1.4 GHz Quad Core $129

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ODroid-X ARM PC for Developers

ODroid-X comes from Hardkernel, a Korean based company. Hardkernel is already known for releasing the ODroid-A and ODroid-Q, tablets that come with a Samsung 4210 Dual Core & 4412 Quad Core CPU respectively, and feature clear-see through backing with instillation of Andoid OS. Most of … Read More

John D. Carmack Backing Consumer VR Gamer HMD Gear

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VR Headset, to Become Standard Gamer Gear?   John D. Carmack, feels that the 3D TV technology currently being pushed by big companies like Sony, Microsoft…etc. isn’t awesome enough. What he really wants in a game-changer, something that will fundamentally change the way that gamers … Read More

How do I find my CPU temperature?

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Keeping your CPU /computer temps low, is a must If there’s anything that computer owners should fear, it’s heat. Heat is the most devastating natural force towards your computer. For any element in your computer, the temperature should never exceed beyond 50C (~122 Fahrenheit). The … Read More

The Best Computer Cooling Systems

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Computer Cooling Systems Marko Bekric   The cooling system is required in every computer in order for it to work properly. Its components produce a waste, heat, and the cooling system works in order to neutralize that heat output. Although in the future scientists are … Read More