Sandisk Ultra MicroSD with Android, Speeds Worth The Hype?

Karl Is WrightComputer Hardware

A while back, I purchased the SanDisk Ultra MicroSDCH for use with my Android Tablet.

SanDisk Ultra MicroSD pic

The card itself comes with a nice little adapter, for regular SDcard readers.

I’ve got a decent enough tablet, an Asus TF700t, with 32GB of ram, but you know how it is, once you get all your movies and your music on there no amount of space will ever be enough.

So I went to get an SD card, but (and a big but) if you’re running on an Android tablet (or smartphone with an SD card reader) there’s good reason to get a high performing SD over a slower one.

For Android users with limited space (mostly smartphone users), there are two nifty features that you can use to save space on your device when it comes to running apps (such as a game like Angry Birds which is over 100MB).


This feature allows you to install apps onto your SD card and run them. Having a faster SD card, means that the apps you install there will run faster.


Data to SD, allows apps on your device to store active information that’s currently in use, onto a special partition of your SD card (you have to make the partition manually). This could be useful for just speeding up apps, or at least giving them some extra room without slowing them down.

Below, I have some specs for you to look at:

[frame_left src=”×180.jpg” href=””] Click to enlarge[/frame_left] C: Drive is a Seagate Momentus XT

G: Drive is the SanDisk Ultra 16 GB

F: Drive is a Lexar JumpDrive USB 2.0


So those are the benchmark speeds from Crystal Disk Mark.

I also have some snips of me transferring files on both the SD card G: and on the USB Lexar drive F:.

G write speedF write speed





As advertised the SD card is supposed to get up to 30 MB/sec transfer speeds, which I didn’t see. However 22.5 is still a lot better than 11 like the USB drive.

Unfortunately I can’t quite rule out whether or not having the SD card in the adapter slows down the speeds or not, though there is some chance it might.




When I put the Micro SD itself in my Asus tablet, I managed to get the following benchmarks in PassMark Performance Test Mobile.

[frame_center src=”×300.jpg” href=””]Click to enlarge[/frame_center]

The External Read/Write speeds apply to the Micro SD card.

So is it worth it? Are these some of the best speeds you can get from a Micro SD? Well, I can’t say for sure. What I can say is that I’ve been fairly satisfied with it, I’ve been able to watch HD movies off of it without any hiccups if that gives you any indication.

Is it worth the price tag? Well, I think I’ll let you decide that one for yourself in the comments section below.