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Computer Cooling Systems

Marko Bekric


The cooling system is required in every computer in order for it to work properly. Its components produce a waste, heat, and the cooling system works in order to neutralize that heat output. Although in the future scientists are speculating that computers will be able to harness the heat they put out and convert it back into energy which they can then use to run on. However, that is a long ways away, and in the meantime, heat is the computer’s greatest enemy, it is what will shorten the life of your computer if you are not careful. There are various cooling methods and every one of them helps to cool your system to a greater or lesser degree. Each cooling system has its own characteristics, methods of operation, and, as a drawback, some of them can be quite noisy.

The most common cooling system is, air cooling. Typically it is used for desktop computers. In my opinion, it’s the simplest cooling system, also the oldest and the most commonly used. The fan may be attached to a CPU, GPU, chipset, PSU, HDD or PCI slot. The air cooling can really work well in most cases, it’s sufficient for typical computer usage. But while it’s cheap and easy to install, there are some draw-backs to it. The fan of the cooling system has its own life time. After so many working hours, it will stop working. The life time can be shortened if the computer case has poor ventilation. It also produces a lot of noise when there is dust on the fan, that also shortens the fan’s lifetime. The last bad thing that I have to say about this system is that there is not really a defined standard; It can come in all shapes, forms and sizes, so that the purchaser can be easily confused. Also its design is outdated. To see what I mean, have a look at the Cooler Master.

The other, and in my opinion, the best cooling system, is the water cooling system. It’s quite a new system, so you can’t see it everywhere and also it is limited for mainframe computers only. But that’s official fact, there are many desktops which are using this type of system. For example, hardcore gamers use the water cooling system. The best thing about this system is that there is no noise. It operates silently and it has way better cooling capability than a traditional air cooling system. If there is an overclocked high performance CPU, there is no doubt that you need this cooling system. This is expensive cooling system compared to the previous one, but I would not say that as a disadvantage. The biggest weak side about the water cooling system is that it could fail and damage some vital computer parts with the cooling solution leaking on the components. It can be difficult for beginners to install it into the computer case, but you can’t take that as a bad reason for buying. I mentioned the worst; everything could be advantage over the air cooling and other cooling systems. This system involves parts like: radiator, pump, coolant, solution and heavy-duty tubing [1].

Have a look at the Corsair for more information.
There are also some other cooling systems and methods which are worth mentioning: Heat Pipe, Phase Change Cooling, Liquid Nitrogen, Liquid Helium, Soft Cooling and Undervolting, but these are not so famous and used systems, even though most of them could be very practical[2].

Anyway, according to many computer enthusiasts, the best cooling system is the water cooling system. I am a student at the SEE University in Tetovo and I am studying ICT Computer Engineering. Our SUN Server uses the water cooling method since it exists and it never failed. That’s my opinion, but you can also to the job with a simple air cooling fan, and if you regularly clean the case and the fans from dust, if you have good ventilation in your computer case, you won’t have any problems!



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