Tips to fix, ‘sound card not working’

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‘No Audio Device’ is the common error message that occurs when your system is not able to detect any audio device connected to it. It is obviously frustrating, when you know the audio device is connected, but the system doesn’t detect it.

There could be many reasons that the system doesn’t detect the audio device, such as—incompatible drivers, no updates, loose connections or sound card problems. Let us see few of the possible reasons and the way to get it fixed.

Check the status of the sound card:

It is crucial that the sound card is in a proper working state. However, there could be a problem that may cause the display of ‘No Audio Device’ error message. To know it better:

Go to the ‘Device Manager’ from the ‘Control Panel’. Click on ‘System and Security’ and under the section of ‘Security’, choose ‘Device Manager’. Expand the ‘Sound, video and game controllers’ category, to locate the sound card. If you see a yellow question mark beside your sound card, you need to go for the updated drivers.
ASUS Xonar DX Sound Card
Updated Audio Drivers:

Many a times, the problem is because of an obsolete audio driver. Lately, if you have upgraded the version of Windows operating system, there are chances that the old driver will not be compatible with the newer version of OS. In such a scenario, you need to update the audio driver. Also, if there is a virus attack or power outage or any other issues, then the device drive may be damaged. So, to update the audio device driver:

  1. You can automate your Windows Update, so that the system downloads and updates the driver, every time it comes across a better one.
  2. The system disc should have the device drivers, which you can use to get your driver installed.
  3. Check the manufacturer’s website, to find the latest update for your device.

Check for the connections:

Run a thorough check on your system, to find whether there is any loose connection in the set up. Often, it happens that the sound card is not properly plugged onto the motherboard, which is a cause of the problem. Tighten the connection and the device should work normally.

Check the audio device:

Unplug the audio device and connect it to another system. If the problem is with the audio device, it will work properly. So, it is time that you purchase another audio device or if your device is under warranty, then get it replaced.

Error messages for audio device is quite a normal problem and it will not take more than few minutes, to discover the exact problem and fix it.


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