Super PC Cleaner Virus Malware Removal – Manually

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Hi folks,

Just a super short post here that is going to cover how to remove that tricky Super PC Cleaner malware.


How did it get on my PC?

There are lots of ways that something like this could’ve gotten on your PC, then generally all involve tricking you into installing the software.

For instance, maybe you downloaded a free game over the internet, or some kind of tool from the web that makes your life easier. Perhaps you downloaded a media player to play your music. Whatever it was, chances are, while you were installing and click “I Agree” over, and over again, you inadvertently agreed to install a 3rd party tool. That is to say, often the reason why these programs are free, is because advertisers pay them, to offer to install their own software, during the main software installation process. Most likely that is how something like, Super PC Cleaner or, happy freebie, or, win-a-million-dollars-this-is-not-a-scam, got on your PC.

TLDR – it starts with you, the user.

How do I get Super PC Cleaner off my computer?

Thankfully this is pretty simple.   – Warning, this method involves editing the registry, if you don’t know what you’re doing, then DON’T DO IT!!! I’m, not responsible for you bricking your computer.

Step 1:

Check your windows tray to see if the program is running, and, if so, right click, then click exit.

Step 2:

Delete the following folders:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Super PC Cleaner

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Super PC Cleaner

The second folder is a hidden folder. If you cannot see it, enable “show hidden files & folders” to see it.

Step 3:

Now hit Winkey + R

Type in regedit.exe – then press Enter.

Hit CTRL + F

In the search field, search for Key, Value, Data, and check “Match whole string only”.

Search for “Super PC Cleaner”

Delete all the exact matches that turn up.

If you find a folder with a bunch of random numbers on it, and see that an entry for, “Super PC Cleaner” is contained within that folder, it’s OK to delete the folder.

Step 4:

Reboot, and check to ensure it’s really gone.