Computer Deadlock – What it is, How to Prevent it

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This is a paper written by Marko Bekric, for South East European University. It was submitted to Electronics Fanboy by the author to be posted. ______________________________ TABLE OF CONTENTS   Abstract——————————————————————————-1 Introduction————————————————————————–1 General about deadlocks———————————————————–1 Avoidance—————————————————————————-3 Avoidance Algorithms————————————————————-5 Resource Trajectories—————————————————————6 Safe and unsafe states————————————————————–7 The … Read More

Remote Desktop Solutions for Android

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My intent is to make this post into a comprehensive review regarding just about every kind of RD (Remote Desktop) / RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) solution there is for android. Over time I’ll add more android rd/rdp solutions as I try them, and yes, I … Read More

Turn Your Laptop into a DIY Security System

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The overwhelming majority of laptops sold today include built-in webcams. Although the primary purpose of these cameras is video chat, there is a major market emerging for their use as a security system. With a little bit of know-how and the right software, you can … Read More