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The Sticky Notes Gadget for Windows 7, best gadget ever, right? Wrong! Why? Because there isn’t one!

Now, there is a program that comes with Windows 7, called sticky notes.

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Sticky Notes in Windows 7 just ain’t right.

Basically it looks like this ->
and it’s a bad idea.

For all the flaws you’ll find in Vista, the Notes gadget was one thing that Microsoft got right.

So what’s the big difference between the Sticky Notes program in Windows 7 and the Notes gadget from Vista? To bring up sticky notes in 7, just hit the windows key to bring up the start menu, type in “Sticky Notes” and then just hit enter to bring them up. Because Sticky Notes is a program, and not a gadget, it’ll sit in your task tray which can be annoying depending on how you like your task tray. It also isn’t really attached to the desktop; unless you specifically specify, they won’t come up when you login. If you’re working on a cluttered up desktop, you can’t just mouse over to the bottom right corner for a quick transparent look at your notes; because your notes are considered to be a program and thus they will become transparent too. When you want to add multiple notes with Stick Notes, well, you can, but… at the expensive of having multiple notes cluttering your desktop until you minimize them (but then what’s the point?).

The Vista Notes Gadget, is much nicer.

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Much better
Basically it looks like this ->
and it’s a good idea.

With Vista Notes you can just type up what you want to remember, and it’s attached to the desktop; meaning that doing a quick, fade to desktop, will reveal your notes. Like any gadget, they’ll start up automatically when you login. And instead of multiple notes requiring multiple stickies, they’re stack atop of each other, and you can flip through them; thus, more notes do not require more desktop space. Notes also comes with a few different font styles and sizes for your viewing convenience.

Where can you get this awesome desktop gadget now that Microsoft no longer offers the Windows Gadget Gallery anymore?

Simple, someone over at ithinkdiff was nice enough to package it up for you. Just download, double-click, and enjoy!