Turn up the New Way of Usability Testing with Remote User

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Giving a mobile usability testing a new break is something that is admired by all. The majority of the websites is accessed through smart phones. So the developers and designers are looking forward to design a website in such a way that it can be run on desktop and should be visible in Smartphone version. Testing of mobile app has adopted a trend that is now been checked on all platforms and this has created so much challenges  in mobile app usability testing for software testing companies. The testing team is now facing the trouble to test your app in the usability and user experience grounds.

Although usability testing is something different from other types of testing and this is what really matters in mobile application testing.


Facing the glitches:

For a perfect usability testing, this can be done if time and logical complexity and cost are already estimated.  Sometimes it happens that mobile app launched without any usability testing and user experience this can put a question mark on the credibility of mobile app. The importance of mobile app usability testing is inevitable.

One of the best practice that is recommended for usability testing is Remote usability Testing. With the perfect combination of user experience who are not located at any specific place we can have a better understanding about the usability of any website. This is one of the best artifacts that can be utilized for usability testing. Remote usability testing allows a large number of users to access a website from different locations and helps to deter

Recording Remote User Interactions with a Mobile App

Mobile app browsing experience with a specific mobile app can be recorded. For this purpose an application is configured by participants like UX Recorder, for testing iOS 5 to record mobile user experience.

Here is a difference when you select the above mentioned software solution, because this software solution is only supported for Mobile app Usability, User experience and iPhone app test.

Here are several reasons to prove that mobile app usability testing is different from conventional usability and user experience.

  • Mobile app testing sometimes has issues like multitasking. That is essential for recording usability testing and the user experience testing.
  • Another reason is a Logistics and complexity of mobile app that denotes “Approval” for Apps during the development process. Mobile app interaction and its interoperability with usability testing determine the success and failure of mobile app.


Finding Solutions in the form of Fixtures and Cameras:

Another alternate is to hire a team of testers, and to record all the tests conducted by them for mobile app testing through a custom feature camera. With this camera all interactions during the test can be recorded. A Software testing company must be somewhat experimental in the prospect of usability testing.
The snags of this approach are mentioned here:
In case of Smartphones, it becomes difficult for a camera to capture the exact visuals, because Smartphones contains small screens.
Usability testing conducted by professionals is more reliable rather than common user, because he can unleash so many user experience issues.
It’s a fact that user experience is greater than a tester usability testing why? Because a spectator (User) sitting outside the playground can better judge what happen next in a game, rather than a champion (Testers) who is experiencing these tests. Testers can’t define the usability user experience test in terms of “respondent/Context/goal”. Customer experience helps to determine persona-usability goal match.

The way out:

Another way out, for usability testing of mobile apps is the emergence of a “Mirrored” image of a Smartphone or iPad connected with desktop or laptop screen. It simply meant that a usability test can be carried out and user experience can be recorded by using a remote webcam cum screen recording system like on userlytics.com.

All usability tests that are conducted and user experience is recorded by capturing the screen of Smartphone and tablet PC. It keeps recording each variation in state or may change in image without showing the movements of fingers as it distract the whole testing activity. This device Records all images and videos and interactions that has been navigated, with extra features of Oral commentary and maintains protocol of the user.

This remote Webcam screen recording system requires no specific hardware. Nay user can participate in usability testing from any corner of the world by configuring this recording app as part of the system.

This device has made usability testing easier and cost effective. This charismatic device can revolutionize the entire usability testing. This can bring mobile app usability testing on a faster track, for developers, testers and designers this device can prove a supportive tool.  Now you can save your time and money with a least effort. How easier it has made usability testing and user experience you can know after using this remarkable device. Software testing companies can use this device and can incur much better results.