Battlefield 4 Beta comes with new Medal of Honor Pre-Order

Battlefield 4 Beta Coming in Fall of 2013

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Pre-Order Medial of Honor: Warfighter

Gain exclusive access to Battlefield 4 Beta

Battlefield 4 Beta has been announced! Yes, it exists, and if you pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter you too can obtain this highly coveted Beta. The Battlefield series comes from Swedish game studio DICE, who publish their titles through EA Games.

MoH: Warfighter, is expected to be released for PS3, Xbox360 & PC on October 26 of this year. The promotion of a Battlefield 4 Beta with a pre-order of MoH: Warfighter was announced, officially at least, on July 17th, but it was leaked via the Origin store, the previous weekend. Now you can see the official announcement of the promotion in the MoH: Warfighter multiplayer trailer shown below.

You may read the official Battlefield 4 Beta announcement from DICE on the official Battlefield website.

Speculation, rumor, call it what you will, people believe that the fall 2013 BattleField 4 Beta means we can expect a late 2013 release. I’m thinking, Christmas, perhaps?

Look, I know it’s disappointed that so far absolutely nothing can be seen or glimpsed of the latest installment of a massively popular series, but really, give them a break. The beta is more than a year away from release and I’d venture to guess at this point, they don’t even know what the Beta will be like; 1 year is a long time. Besides, it makes sense.

If they released their current concept art now, and let people see it before the beta comes out, people will either complain about the concept art, or complain that the beta doesn’t look like the concept art.

That being said, I think gamers can afford to wait a year; you just got a new MoH release for crying out loud! Relax, you’re going to be fine.

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