Bethesda Releases Trailer For Skyrim Expansion, Dawnguard DLC

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Bethesda Keeps us Teased With New Trailer


Bethesda Game Studios has released a new official trailer for TES V: Skyrim Expansion Dawnguard DLC. The trailer focuses heavily on werewolves and vampires, in juxtaposition to the Dawnguard, whom I’m guessing are at odds with werewolves and vampires in some fashion.

Bethesda tells us to look for the game coming out sometime this summer. Due to their contract with Microsoft, the expansion will be getting an exclusive Xbox 360 release for its first 30 days. The expansion has be equipped to work with the Xbox 360 Kinnect. Now you can assign hotkey functionality to over 200 voice commands, for instance Dragon Shouts, “FUS RO DAH!” The expansion is also supposed to add many new commands of its own.

Soon after the 30 day exclusive period is up, Dawnguard will be getting a PC and a PS3 release; though just, how soon, we don’t exactly know.

Very little is known about this expansion, however it is being largely assumed that the expansion will focus heavily on snow elves, vampires, werewolves, and the Dawnguard. I’m sure it’ll work a lot of other things in there as well, though, maybe some interesting little side quests to go on?

Anyway, it’s exciting news. I’m imagining myself and a group of friends traveling the wilds of Skyrim thanks to the new Skyrim Online Mod which is still going full swing.

Source: Gamespy