Gamefly Offers Free Unlimited PC/MAC Games For Subscribers

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Gamefly™ Unlmited PC Play Service Give You More

In late May of 2011, GameFly™ purchased Direct2Drive (D2D) from previous owner News Corp subsidiary IGN Entertainment, for an undisclosed sum. At the time, details of the acquisition were not released to the public. However, there were some concerns expressed by users, over forums, as to whether the effects of a narrowed playing field would prove positive or not.

At the time of the buy-out, GameFly did not discuss how, or whether they would incorporate the D2D service into their own existing platform (not that that stopped us all from assuming). However, in early August of 2011, GameFly announced a new public beta, beginning Sept 8, available to a select number of subscribers, for a PC game download service. The service would feature 100 PC titles of a wide variety, with mac titles to follow when the full service was released. The estimated release of the full PC / MAC game download service was set for sometime after the Holiday Season.

Well ladies and gents…it’s here.

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Does Unlimited PC Play with Gamefly count as a game?
Currently, GameFly is offering to allow its subscribers to download PC / MAC titles, at no extra cost, with what it calls, Unlimited PC Play. This service allows you to download certain PC or MAC games and play them as much as you like with no time limits for as long as you’re a member. The biggest perk to the new service is that downloading a game does not count as a rental, meaning that if you are on a subscription for 2 games out at a time, and you download a PC title, you can still have your other two console titles mailed to you.

Though, currently the most notable major setback is a real lack of PC titles available, though there are more titles on the way. Currently you can find such titles as, Assassin’s Creed Director’s Cut, Prison Tycoon 4: Supermax, Saints Row 2, Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition, Cryostasis…etc.

But, there has been some concern expressed, from as early as the announcement of the Beta, of the potential for GameFly to divide up the two libraries (console and PC/MAC Games) into two separate services, with publishers greed being cited as a motivating factor for doing so. Though GameFly has made no suggestion or intimation that such plans are in store for the future.

GameFly had also announced back in August that it planed to incorporate a greater level of social networking into its service for subscribers and non-subscribers alike to be able to follow each other. Now, subscribers are able to create and share game libraries with one another, said to be similar to sharing a playlist with friends over Spotify.

With the addition of this new PC download service, is it possible that GameFly might be able to complete with other services like Steam & Origin? Could an avid gamer find freedom in a single monthly payment? Or is the old-school pay-as-you-go model the more clear choice for the picky gamer?

I’ll be honest, for someone like myself, who is extremely picky about the games he plays, I’d lean more in the direction of a pay-as-you-go model. Since, technically, the only way to really take advantage of the new, Unlimited PC Play, service, would be to play a new game every month. Otherwise, if you only play a few titles, you’d probably be better off getting them on Steam instead.

Just an honest thought.


They’ve expanded their line-up to include other titles such as Civilization IV and Bioshock.