Most Anticipated Gadgets for the year 2013

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most anticiapted gadgets of 2013

One thing that is exciting about every New Year is the anticipation of new products and developments in technology. When it comes to technology products, it has never been short of enthusiasm as every single innovation is cheered with joy by its fans.

The upcoming year is no different in this regard. In this article let us study some of most anticipated technology products for the year 2013.

Xbox 720

All you gamers out there, this one is for you. The Xbox 720 is already in existence in the form of rumors everywhere. The device will not have an exclusive optical drive as all the games have to be streamed digitally. This action is popularly known as the Xbox Loop. There are lots of rumors in the air of which some are reliable. The graphics in the new device are done by AMD, which announced that its graphic levels will be in par with that of the Avatar movie. There are strong beliefs that the system might be released in 2013 at E3.

Fujitsu Lifebook

How about a digital camera, a laptop and a tablet put into one device? The Fujitsu Lifebook slated to be released in 2013 offers just that. Just carry the laptop on a backpack and you have everything else with you. Throw away the cameras and the tablets you had. A handheld digital camera is attached to the laptop, which according to sources, also acts as the laptop’s inbuilt camera.

And when you want a tablet, pull that out from the device. Put it back and the tablet immediately turns into keyboard with touch-screen capabilities on your laptop. There is yet another provision where a mobile phone can be attached and detached. This is also believed to be a cellular modem for the laptop when it is in its custody. There are also suggestions that tell you, the phone could be used for video calls through the laptop.

Well, how much of these are practical is left to anybody’s stretch of imagination.

Basis Band

Several things have accompanied our wrist watches like voice recorders, heart rate monitors, cameras, mobile phones and many others. Now we are in for something newer and more advanced, known as Basis Band. This is an advanced monitor that is styled like a wrist watch. It can monitor anything your body does. The device is capable of monitoring activities automatically and keeping track of several things like heart rate, calories burned, sleeping pattern and many other physical activities. The device has every right to be one of the best health monitors and then happens to be right on your hand most of the time.

Unique Infra red keyboard and holographic display

Laser Keyboard for bluetooth devices
Among the number of rumored technological innovations and concepts, the one most compelling, expected in 2013 (READ: It’s here!), is the idea of an infra-red keyboard and holographic display. The ideas may look far-fetched but the implementation of these innovations is much nearer than one thinks. Apple filed a patent indicating plans to integrate pico-based or mini projectors in its future gadgets. Such projector would enable users to project video or image on anywhere with or without a surface.

This technology could also be will be used in upcoming keyboard enhancements. The new concept – infra red keyboard can assist smartphones in typing and interacting with more friendly and much bigger keyboards.


Looks like those virtual keyboards are here! Not only do they work on any surface, they also work with most bluetooth enabled devices, smartphones, tablets, laptops…etc. Grab one here!

Like each year in this decade, 2013 promises to be a happy year for tech geeks. So keep your fingers crossed and have a rocking year 2013.


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