Nvidia Showcases ‘Project Shield’ Game Console At CES 2013

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Nvidia Project Shield

Nvidia is rocking the mobile and living-room gaming markets with the showcasing of their first game console, Project Shield. The sight of it is innocuous enough, it appears as nothing more than a 5-inch tablet resting atop a sleekly designed, fully functional gaming controller. But in reality it’s more than just a small tablet and sleek gaming controller duo.

The tablet itself is 5-inches at 720p resolution, and runs on JellyBean (latest Android OS as of this posting).

Promising to be one of the most powerful mobile gaming devices on the planet, the tablet itself boasts a Tegra 4 quad core with 72 GPU cores, 4 A15 CPU cores, and built-in LTE. In case you’re not a numbers nerd, it’s basically the fastest tablet announced so far, out of any iOS, Android, or Windows tablets.

It has standard ports for mini-HDMI, micro-USB, and micro-sd. This is also the first time a tablet has been able to display 4K resolution (1080p x 4) on an external HDTV.

It’ll have access to the Android App catalog,¬†Valve’s Steam Big Picture Service and Nvidia Tegra Zone (kind of an obvious feature, that last one…would be painful if it weren’t available).

In addition you can pair the controller part up with a PC to play PC games over wi-fi. This part I’m a little unclear on, but it looks like your PC needs to have a Geforce GTX 650 or greater for this to work, and then you can stream the game from your PC to the tablet, play it with the controller, and then via the tablet have it show up on your HDTV via HDMI.

Perhaps, though I’m not sure, you’ll be able to pair that controller up with other things, maybe?

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