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In this DIY I’ll be focusing on how to use your laptop PC like an Android tablet.

Why would you want this? Android is a nice little OS, that comes with a lot of fun apps, buy maybe you don’t feel like shelling out $299 for a tablet just to play Angry Birds or read what’s happening on Google Currents. There are Android emulators you can use to run Android Apps on your PC, but sometimes it’s just not the same; I mean, who wants to play World of Goo with their mouse? Not me. I use my tablet like how I eat my food; using my fingers.

In this DIY I’ll be showing you how to run Android Apps on your laptop PC and convert your screen into a touchscreen, so you can use the APPS they way they were meant to be used.

Step 1: Run Android Apps on your PC

There are two good ways to go about doing this.

Method 1

One way, is to download the free Android SDK manager from sdk manager

Once you have it, run SDK Manager, and download the Android SDK tools along with an Android system image.

Then go to Tools -> Manage AVDs…

On the right-hand side, click New

Make your virtual machine, and run it. It’ll boot up with android; although you won’t have access to the Google play store. You can still run all your android apps by either manually installing them from .apk files or if you can open a browser, then go to the Google Play store, you should be able to install them from there.

One other setback I’ve seen is that the official android emulator can be a tad slow, but that’s normal for an emulator, plus if you have a powerful PC you likely won’t notice.

Method 2

Go get Bluestacks.

Bluestacks doesn’t emulate a full android OS. Instead it just lets you run Android Apps. It’s still an emulator, but it’s a bit faster and probably the most popular android emu out there so far. With this you can just download all your .apk apps to your PC and use Bluestacks to just focus on running those APPS without juggling Android in the background.

Step 2: What’s an APP without a touchscreen?

I’m not going to walk you through this one. There are others who’ve already done it better than I, so I won’t bother re-writing what’s already out there. However, there are two methods you can use.

Method 1

Convert your laptop’s LCD into a touchscreen

Read here for a general how-to guide: Turn Your Old Netbook Into A Touchscreen Tablet

This one is a bit more in-depth: Install a Touchscreen in Your Netbook

Method 2

Convert a Wacom Intuos3 into a touchscreen.

Watch this: DIY cintiq: k-jintiq

Then read this: K-Jintiq, a 15″ IPS modded into Intuos 3 A4