Installing ADB & Fastboot on your Android Phone [rooted]

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Installing ADB & Fastboot on your Android;


Of course, your phone already has the basic adb and fastboot servers that you can use to connect with on your PC. What we are talking about here, are the adb and fastboot clients, these are for talking to other android devices.


Your Android phone must be rooted, and you must be comfortable with using a file manager on your android that can access the root of the phone. In addition for the terminal command I use, you’ll need busybox.

  1. ROOT (flash SuperSU in your recovery)
  2. Flashed Busybox (flash busybox in your recovery)
  3. A terminal emulator (or equivalent app)



Check to see if you have adb on your phone already.

Open up Terminal Emulator for Android (any terminal emulator APP will do).

Type out:

abd version




If you get a message stating adb or fastboot wasn’t found… then you know it’s not installed! Otherwise, you already have it and you’re done!



Download the adb and fastboot binaries compiled for arm (arm in this case is referring to the execution type of your CPU, you need to know what kind of CPU your phone has, whether it’s arm, arm64, or Intel_x86).

Download link here;
option 1 (recommended)


Open up a Terminal Emulator and just put in these commands.

u0_a109@android:/ $ cd sdcard

u0_a109@android:/sdcard/ $ mkdir Platform-Tools

u0_a109@android:/sdcard/ $ cd Platform-Tools

u0_a109@android:/sdcard/Platform-Tools/ $ wget

u0_a109@android:/sdcard/Platform-Tools/ $ mkdir adb-fastboot

u0_a109@android:/sdcard/Platform-Tools/ $ unzip -d adb-fastboot/

u0_a109@android:/sdcard/Platform-Tools/ $ cd adb-fastboot

u0_a109@android:/sdcard/Platform-Tools/adb-fastboot/ $ su

root@android:/storage/emulated/0/Platform-Tools/ # mount -o remount,rw /system

root@android:/storage/emulated/0/Platform-Tools/ # cp adb /system/bin/adb

root@android:/storage/emulated/0/Platform-Tools/ # cp fastboot /system/bin/fastboot

root@android:/storage/emulated/0/Platform-Tools/ # cd /system/bin

root@android:/storage/emulated/0/Platform-Tools/ # chmod 755 adb

root@android:/storage/emulated/0/Platform-Tools/ # chmod 755 fastboot

root@android:/storage/emulated/0/Platform-Tools/ # exit

root@android:/storage/emulated/0/Platform-Tools/ $ exit



Now reboot your phone



Once your phone reboots, go back into your Terminal, then type in;

adb version 







If it worked then you should be able to use both adb and fastboot to connect and send commands to other devices from your phone.