FireFox About:Memory Page Lets you Flush Unused Memory

Karl Is WrightFixes

FireFox has a special about:memory page that some of you may not know about. If you have FireFox and you suffer from the insufferable memory leak issues,

firefox using 800mb memoryhere are a few things you can try to periodically speed FireFox up again.

First off, the only permanent fix for now is to upgrade your memory.

  • 8GB or greater usually works well for people who like to have a lot of tabs open.

Next, use some common sense memory saving practices

Open your FireFox browser and in the address bar, goto   about:memory

You’ll see a bubble called Free memory with three options.

free mem

Clicking all three options will basically flush out all the memory that FireFox has asked for but isn’t really using.

You can do other things as well, like save a report of your current FireFox memory usage, for technical troubleshooting purposes. To read more about how to use the memory reporting feature, look at Mozilla’s writeup here.