FIX: FireFox Black Page Rendering Problems

Karl Is WrightFixes

I’ve been seeing a weird glitch in recent versions of FireFox. For what it’s worth; I’m running version 38.

While I’d seen it a few times before, I didn’t know what it was. However the issue occurred on my PC just yesterday while I was watching a live youtube feed in HTML5.

This is definitely not a tabs issue or even a memory issue. I have tabs of tabs on my home PC with 32GB of ram and I saw it today for the first time. Didn’t even slow down just didn’t render the page properly. Sorry I don’t have a screen shot… Basically the page went totally black, and then as I moved my mouse cursor over things certain page elements would reappear again.

So according to the research I’ve done, I think I might have found an answer. – tons of info in this thread for this very bug, and screen shots!

One of the latest updates (v33) introduces a new feature called Off Main Thread Compositing which is supposed to make webpages load faster; however it has been known to cause issues for some people.

For more information on this feature, have a read of this article here; Off Main Thread Compositing (OMTC) and why it matters

If you’ve been experiencing this glitch, try this and see if it fixes the problem,

To turn off OTMC
1. Open up FireFox and go to about:config in your browser.
a.    You will see a warning here that says you violate your mozilla warrenty by continuing; click to continue.
2. In the search bar which appears up at the top of the page, search for layers.offmainthreadcomposition.enabled
3. Likely this feature will be set to true, simply change it to false and you have disabled the OTMC feature.


If you just want to see your browser’s settings without being able to mess anything up, visit about:support. 🙂