HP ThinPro OS Installation Woes, Here’s a Solution

Karl Is WrightFixes

Just a quick post to explain a workaround for a rather poorly made installation/configuration utility from HP.

I was recently tasked with upgrading an HP Thin Client t510, a rather popular ThinClient, running the HP ThinPro OS.

HP has a couple different OS’s for their Thin Clients, but for this How-To I’ll just be focusing on the ThinPro OS version 5.1 installation utility.

The ThinPro OS itself is based on Linux Ubuntu 12.04 (may come in hand for some of you).
For some more specs on the OS, have a look at this thread on HP’s forums.

There is a USB installation utility provided which is supposed to format a USB stick (fat32) and then copy over the files necessary to boot an install utility on the Thin Client itself and install the latest version of the OS. Unfortunately, in my case, the only thing that utility would do, is format the USB.

So to do the job manually, here’s is what you do.

Note: – I am assuming you have downloaded the ThinPro Image (International) utility.

  1. Use a program like 7-zip to extract the downloaded .exe file into a new folder.
  2. In this folder you will see at least three things; A syslinux folder, a disk_files folder, and a CRStart.exe file.
  3. Plug a USB stick with at least 8GB storage into your computer.
  4. Run the CRStart.exe utility as an administrator.
  5. Choose USB Format and format the USB stick you plug in. (this will format the drive with a fat32 fs)
  6. go into the syslinux folder
  7. open a command prompt in the folder as an administrator.
  8. Run: syslinux -m F:
    1. (Where F is the USB drive you wish to format)
  9. Copy and paste everything that is inside the disk_files folder to the root of the USB drive.
  10. Plug the USB drive into your HP Thin Client and boot to it.

Note: – To enter the BIOS where you can specify to boot to the USB, press the F10 when you first power on your Thin Client.
If this does not work, you will need to power off the Thin Client and try again. Be sure toe press the key while it is just beginning to boot.