restore your youtube channel after deleting unwanted G+

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Restore your original youtube channel So there’s a new annoyance running around and you can thank Google for making our lives a tad bit more miserable. Today I logged into my youtube account to do some things, and before I could get to my channel … Read More

Tips to fix, ‘sound card not working’

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‘No Audio Device’ is the common error message that occurs when your system is not able to detect any audio device connected to it. It is obviously frustrating, when you know the audio device is connected, but the system doesn’t detect it. There could be … Read More

Fixes for iTunes iPod, iPhone Restoration Errors

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The iPhone could not be restored. an unknown error occurred; The iPhone could not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build. So the other day I was trying to restore (er, upgrade) my iPod Touch 4G to firmware 6.1.1 (not, 6.1.2 like … Read More