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Restore your original youtube channel

So there’s a new annoyance running around and you can thank Google for making our lives a tad bit more miserable.

Today I logged into my youtube account to do some things, and before I could get to my channel page I’m confronted with some set-up for having a Google+ account. I oblige the obligatory dialog boxes and suddenly I find myself with a google+ account linked up to my youtube channel and now Google’s asking me to load up all my friends into the fiasco as well.

To riff on an old classic:

[quote] If you enjoy your new forced Google+ Profile, why not share it with your friends?

Because I want to keep my friends!

So after realizing I’ve now got an unwanted Google+ Profile attached to my account I decide to go ahead and get rid of it. Big mistake that was.

After deleting my Google+ Profile, I come back to find that my youtube channel is gone… all the videos, unavailable. Utter. Disaster.

That channel had all my stupid college videos of me and my friends and now suddenly VOOOSH Google just figured they’d take it away… all because I didn’t want to use my real name in my youtube channel (next they’ll want your home addy so they can share it with every creepy youtube commenter)

I have good news

If my situation and yours sound similar, then I have good news. Your videos are not gone and your channel is still there.

If you had bothered to read all that legal jargon when you were deleted your G+ profile you’d have noticed it said that your youtube channel was reading all of it’s information from you newly birthed G+ baby. When you threw out the baby, you threw out the bathwater. Your youtube channel was too stupid to revert back to it’s only information and instead went AWOL because it couldn’t read your G+ Profile.

There’s a way to get it back

I came across this lovely set of instructions not too long ago and they helped me out just fine and dandy.



If you have managed to remove your YouTube channel’s Google+ Profile in an attempt to rid your YouTube channel of your real name and get some privacy back into your YouTube experience, and found that your YouTube channel disappeared along with it then read on:

You see-  your YouTube channel was using the Google+ Profile data as its own. This means that when you remove the Google+ Profile WHILE the YouTube is still dependent on it you render the YouTube unviable.  Simply put- it has nothing to call on for its name.  And so Google deactivate the YouTube channel along with its Google+ Profile, setting your assets (uploads and playlists) to private, seemingly deleted.  This is reversible (except for incoming subscriptions, messages and comments which are perma-deleted) and here is how:

1.  Log into the YouTube channel’s Google account at using the email address the YouTube channel used to use,
2.  Click on My Channel up top right to generate the pop-up required:
3.  Agree to create a channel using the Google+ Profile name again (humour me- don’t do ANYTHING else),
4.  Go to Settings and unlink the Google+ Profile and return the name to your YouTube channel name (note:  if the YouTube channel is new and never had one then you need to give it one in YouTube settings / Advanced using the link to give it a “custom URL”.  This action will generate the link to unlink from Google+ on YouTube settings, the page previous to Advanced),
5.  Go into Video Manager and make your videos/playlists public as required and remember to “save”.

And here’s a nice video:

source: Google Product Forums