What to Expect from The New iPhone and iOS 6

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New iPhone 5 with iOS 6

Next month is going to be a big month for technology. Apple, will be unveiling the new iPhone on September 12th – less than a month from now. We already know quite a lot about the new iPhone, despite the fact that Apple hasn’t even officially confirmed the existence of a new iPhone yet.

We do know for certain that iOS 6 is going to be released this year, Apple told us so at their WWDC earlier this year. They didn’t give an exact release date (as the iOS is released alongside the new iPhone, so by giving a release date for the iOS, they would of given an insight into the release date for the new iPhone), but we believe that iOS 6 will hit iTunes on September 21st – the same day that stores will start selling the new iPhone.

It has been rumored that Apple will start accepting pre-orders for the new iPhone on the same day that they unveil it (as they did with the iPhone 4S too), so you could actually be placing a pre-order with Apple for the new iPhone in as little as 3 weeks!

In this post I’m going to give a quick recap over what we’ve been hearing about the new iPhone and the new iOS 6 over the past few months, so you know what to expect from the new device and operating system. Let’s start with the iPhone…

[frame_right src=”https://userhaven.com/home/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/iPhone-iOS-6-Title-300×210.jpg” alt=”New iPhone iOS 6″ href=”https://userhaven.com/home/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/iPhone-iOS-6-Title.jpg”]
The new iPhone 5 with iOS 6

The New iPhone

Take a look at the  picture of the new iPhone to the right hand side of this paragraph – just in case you have forgotten what it’s going to look like – well, that is of course only if the leaked parts we have been seeing are legit. There is no reason to believe the leaked parts aren’t legitimate, they have come from reliable sources and it doesn’t really look like a fake.

So what’s changed since the iPhone 4S? Well, the new iPhone is slightly taller than the 4S, making the screen that little bit bigger too; big enough to fit an extra row of app icons on the iPhone home screen. The new iPhone is also slimmer than the 4S, over a third slimmer – which will make it one of the slimmest smartphones on the market – once it gets there.

You may also notice from the picture that the headphone jack has been relocated to the bottom of the iPhone, and the dock connector now looks much smaller. Recent rumors also suggest that we’re going to see an even smaller SIM card with the new iPhone; the nano-SIM, freeing up minute amounts of space inside the device. I guess if you’re going to keep improving performance and trying to reduce the size of the device, then you need to save space everywhere you can.

That’s about all we know for ‘sure’ at the moment. Of course none of it is certain, but all of this information has come from sources who have been proved to be reliable in the past regarding pre-release iPhone information.

iOS 6 is another highly anticipated update from Apple which we’re due to see next month, let’s have a reminder about what we’re going to see in that…

iOS 6

There are quite a lot of changes coming in the new iOS, and I’m not going to go into them all here because you can actually find out all the information you need about iOS 6 on Apples website – it’s not a big secret like the new iPhone. But here are a few of the top things to look out for in the new iOS:

  • Improved Siri
    Siri is going to be able to provide you with more information than ever before, including things like cinema movie listings and reviews, as well as sports results, news and statistics. It will also be able to lookup businesses outside of the US following the 6.0 update too.
  • Facebook Integration
    Facebook is going to be integrated throughout iOS 6, making it easier to share anything on your device over Facebook – as if it needed to be any easier?!
  • Maps App
    This is my favorite update in iOS 6. Apple has ditched Google Maps and are now providing the Maps data themselves via TomTom. They have updated their Maps app to include a turn-by-turn GPS navigation system too (absolutely free). It looks first class, better than even the top standalone GPS units.

There is quite a lot more coming with iOS 6, but like I said, you can check out the full list of features and updates for iOS 6 on Apple’s website.


Very exciting times! Both the new iPhone and the new iOS look incredible, packed full of updates and a refreshing new design on the iPhone. It’s going to sell well! I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold out again. No matter how hard they try they never seem to be able to meet the full demands of the public. I remember last year with the iPhone 4S, it was out of stock for weeks.

Hopefully we can get hold of one for a hands on review not long after the release.

What do you think of the upcoming iPhone and iOS? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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