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The Lightest Material in the World

In Future Technology, Technology by Michael Lamardo

One day in 2010, a PhD student at Hamburg University named Matthias Mecklenburg happened to come across a rather unusual substance. There was no name for it then, but two years later with the help of engineers of both Hamburg and Kiel University, Mecklenburg and …

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John D. Carmack Backing Consumer VR Gamer HMD Gear

In Computer Hardware, Future Computing Technology, Future Technology, Games, PC Games, Sci-Fi, Science, Technology, Virtual Reality by UserHaven Admin

VR Headset, to Become Standard Gamer Gear?   John D. Carmack, feels that the 3D TV technology currently being pushed by big companies like Sony, Microsoft…etc. isn’t awesome enough. What he really wants in a game-changer, something that will fundamentally change the way that gamers …