Scientists Create New Optical-RAM, Prepare to Relase it to The World

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In an attempt to create a lightning fast Radom Access Memory (RAM), to replace today’s DRAM architecture, NTT Labs has announced that it has begun work on a prototype, something which the company calls, Optical Random Access Memory, or o-RAM.

Their intent is to increase the productivity of high-speed data center applications, but I think we all know that o-RAM has implications which would reach far beyond that. Imagine having something that fast in your own PC, beyond awesome is all I can say.

According to a Nature Photonics research article, the prototype has 4 bit capacity and can transfer data at 40Gbps. The reported environmentally friendly power consumption on this new gadget is just 30nW; extremely low .

True, at 4bits of storage it’s far from a commercial product, but the researchers hope to one day increase that capacity to the Kb or Mb range. They believe they can create 1000kb o-RAM by 2020 and then up that to 1Mb by 2025.

It’s being reported that each of the memory cells of this new tech wonder is a nano-photonic crystial, made from indium phosphide which integrates a strip of gallium arsenide phosphide. Translation: it’s pulsing with the power of 7 moons.

It’s  forgetful little device though. It’s only capable of storing information for up to 10 seconds, kind of like 10-second Tom.

It is estimated that the device will progressively grow more and more awesome as time goes on. But for now, it must remain in hiding development, slowly gathering its strength.