World of Gaming


Hello everyone!

Welcome to the world of gaming! I’m your host, Ellie! ^.^ Here we will talk about the world of video games in all shapes and sizes. New or old, difficult or easy, each and every single one has a special place in our hearts. We will talk about what games are worth the wait, prices, all in all, just gaming in general.

I’ve been a gamer for a very long time. Around the age of 5 I was introduced to my first video game. Super mario world. ┬áSince then, I’ve done it all. Traversed the mushroom kingdom to find the princess. Defeated the Great Ganondorf, and saved Hyrule many times. Fought against countless hordes of zombies. Had a friend, Pyro, who’s been with me from the beginning, on a long journey to become the very best trainer. I’ve even traveled across the galaxy, fended off an armada of alien forces, seen horrors no man should ever see, and even traveled through time. All in all, I have only begun to explore this world, the gaming world. There is still much to be seen and do.

Once again, I will be writing mostly about video games in general. So, until next time, keep on gaming!

~Player: Ellie.