TCP & UDP A Full Explanation

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This is a paper about the Internet Transport Layer TCP/UDP. It was written by Marko Bekric, for South East European University. It was submitted to Electronics Fanboy by the author to be posted. Internet Transport Layer TCP/UDP By, Marko Bekric Abstract The TCP/UDP is a … Read More

Remote Desktop Solutions for Android

Karl Is WrightComputer Software, Internet

My intent is to make this post into a comprehensive review regarding just about every kind of RD (Remote Desktop) / RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) solution there is for android. Over time I’ll add more android rd/rdp solutions as I try them, and yes, I … Read More

3 Top Reasons to Make The Switch to VoIP

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Standard phone lines are hardly being used these days. The telecommunication businesses have to maintain expensive and old networks. Customers have to acquire a landline and go through difficult hardware setups. Today, making phone calls is as easy as connecting to your Internet. This can … Read More