Free 4G Broadband Internet Nationwide? Where do I sign up!?

Karl Is WrightInternet, Mobile Technology, Technology, Web

The company FreedomPop has a website out, claiming that they intend to provide free 4G broadband Internet to users nationwide, in the US. You’ll recall a while back there was a bit hub-bub about free nationwide 3G Internet in the UK. Now it’s finally our turn here in the US, except we might be getting 4G instead.

FreedomPop states on their website that they believe access to the Internet is a human right, which, funny enough happens to agree with the UN. The alleged details of the service are;

  • Partnered with, 4G Wimax and 4G LTE wireless Internet networks
  • Provides up to 1GB of free Internet every month to basic users
  • More bandwidth available for users who are willing to pay (cost not specified)
  • They state that users will be able to earn more free Internet bandwidth (providing potentially unlimited free service)
  • By attaching their $99 case to your iPod Touch, you can turn it into an iPhone and make calls over their 4G network

If you’re like me, you might be a bit bewildered by all the terms being thrown around these days regarding 3g and 4g, not to mention all the acronyms attached afterward.

I did some quick research and here’s some simple facts to help you put this in perspective. As it turns out, things get complicated when you want to compare 3G to 4G.

3G was introduced in 2009 and is capable of speeds from 400Kbps to 10x that amount. The idea behind 4G is that it’s faster than 3G, but according to PCMAG, that just ain’t always true. Turns out the speeds you’ll get will depend heavily upon who’s providing your service.

The biggest take-away is, don’t buy any 4G mobile devices unless you live in an area that actually has 4G coverage from your provider, which, hopefully, will soon be FreedomPop.