How to block internet ads, youtube, pop-ups, and everything else

Karl Is WrightInternet, Web

So, you want to block YouTube ads and annoying pop up websites, and you’re finally getting around to doing your research? Well, I got good news. There’s one simple extension that’ll block literally almost any ad on the web you have a pet peeve for.

The extension itself is called, Adblock Plus, and it comes in Firefox, or Chrome flavors. Adblock Plus, is maintained by an open-source community which aims to create an ad-free browsing experience.

The extension itself blocks nothing, however it downloads filters, which you can manually select, which specify which ads to block. This is part of what makes it so effective.

Adblock Plus is capable of blocking, pop-ups, banner ads, text ads, and even YouTube ads.

There is, however, a set-back for users of Chrome, though Adblock Plus still works fine in all other instances, it is unable to block video ads for sites outside YouTube.

Download ABP for Firefox & Chrome

Download ABP now for Firefox & Chrome


Currently Adblock Plus is not available for Internet Explorer, Safari, or Opera. However, there is a version coming soon for each of those browsers.