Judgment: Why I love and hate the iPhone 5s

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I want to come clean right in the start, I don’t like Apple and I don’t like the iPhone. That being said the latest smartphone from Apple, the iPhone 5s is definitely a step up from what monstrosity the original iPhone 5 was. Although the iPhone 5s is a good device, it remains in the mid-range category if you consider the overall market trends and technological advancements.

“iPhone 5s is purposefully imagined. Meticulously considered. Precision crafted. It’s not just a product of what’s technologically possible. But what’s technologically useful. It’s not just what’s next. But what should be next.” Says the text on the front page of the official website. To some degree, I agree with that. Not every technological advancement is meant to be used in smartphones. But it is another way of saying that, ‘we don’t have the features which others have and now we will bash them for getting ahead‘. We all know that Apple likes to play with marketing and rephrasing sentences, we also know that a lot of them are simply marketing banter.

Now that I have personally checked the iPhone 5s out, I’m in the best position to state what I hate and what I love about the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5s: What I love

iPhone 5s

The Camera: While many manufacturers are running after huge numbers, iPhone 5s remains with the same old count. The iPhone 5s features an 8 MP camera which is not at all impressive. But it gets the job done really nice. There are not much loss in quality, not many artifacts in the snaps and they are less grainy. This is because of the sensor which is very capable of producing good photos in low resolution.

The dual flash: The iPhone 5s features two tone flash. One is Amber and the other is white. The problem with Amber is that it fails to capture the colors correctly. The white makes the skin tone ghastly and unrealistic. By combining both the iPhone 5s makes sure that the dim light photos come as close to nature as possible. To be honest I’m very impressed with the dual flash.

The iOS7: To be honest the latest software introduced with the iPhone 5s is a rip off of Android and Windows features. Apple simply blended the best features of both the mobile Operating systems and made them their own. The result while a blatant copy of competitors is still very great to use.

The x64 CPU: This is the only feature which makes the iPhone 5s a nerd wonder. The iPhone 5s is the very first smartphone to use a 64 bit processor and  it shows. While there were not many apps optimized to be used by the 64 bit processor, there were some stocks ones which performed really well. The iPhone 5s is now much more snappy and faster than the previous iterations.  I have to hand it to Apple for advancing the tech in at least one department

iPhone 5s: What I hate

iPhone 5s

Screen size: I have been spoiled by Android and its big screen sizes. I love Samsung because they have such great screens. I love HTC because they have really high PPI. The iPhone 5s however is still stuck in 2011, which is quite sad. Many people argue that large smartphones are unwieldy, and that is kind of true in some cases. Some say that one-handed use is very important for them, again true for some. But tell me why buy a SMARTPHONE when all you are going to do is text with one hand? After all we all like the landscape mode for games, videos and texting. What is their excuse now?

Lame resolution: The iPhone 5s is not a full HD smartphone. It is much closer to 720p, which makes it effectively outdated. While Android has made 1080p the norm from the start of 2013 in flagship smartphones, Apple still want to retain the cheap screen.

Zero advancement in camera: While the camera on the iPhone 5s is very capable it pales in comparison with great Android smartphone cameras. The Sony Xperia Z1 puts the iPhone 5s to shame in every aspect. I expected Apple to make at least some advancement in the camera tech.

The finger print scanner: Totty useless gimmick which may be used by the NSA to collect our sensitive information. I value my privacy, sure it is hard to retain it in this day and age. At least my PC is not picking up my finger prints. This “security feature” is already hacked by some talented hackers so it is totally garbage to us. For those who say, ‘don’t like it? don’t use it!’, well I paid for that and it’s my right to say negative things about it.

Price: The iPhone 5s is not a premium smartphone. It is a mid-range one cleverly marketed as a premium device. The price Apple is asking is way too much for a smartphone which basically is a slight improvement over the last version.

So there you go, here are my two cents about the “innovative” iPhone 5s. I expected more from Apple, maybe this is why I feel disappointed. There was a time when we looked up to Apple for something new and exciting…that time is long gone.

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