LG G2 A Threat To Samsung?

Steven JumperAndroid, Mobile Technology, smartphones

In the last few years, we’ve begun to see technology arms races like never before! Leading brands in technology have always competed with one another, but never has it been so fierce, so constant, and so public as it is now. Just consider some of … Read More

Microsoft Lacks Focus

CaptprotonMobile Technology, News, Opinion, Technology

In an article in the WSJ today ‘Microsoft Upgrades Surface Tablets’ Tuesday September 24, 2013, Microsoft shows it’s lack of marketing leadership by refusing to under stand the market. By opening retail with partners with Best Buy and Staples and trying for a more general … Read More

Modbook 2.0 – Review

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When Andreas Haas, the creator of ModBook Pro re-launched the product in 2012 he stated that the company was looking to create a definite niche. According to him though there were plenty of iPhone and iPad users around, these products did not cater to the … Read More