A Look at The Blackberry Z10 Smartphone; Packs Qualcomm GPU + WXGA Resolution

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Blackberry, with its latest model Z10, has maintained its reputation as a best mobile device for business. Most ardent fans of Blackberry know that Z10 is a modified version of their BB10. But its combination of sleek design and integrated software is expected to give other smartphone manufacturers some tough competition this year. Even seasoned Blackberry users are expecting to find something different and innovative about this model. Let’s take a look at what the Z10 brings to the table…
Technical specification
Knowing the reputation of Blackberry and its Research In Motion (RIM) technology, BlackBerry Z10 is packed with these superb tech specs:
• BlackBerry 10 (BB10) operating system,
• 1.5GHz dual-core high-speed processing unit,
• 16GB internal memory,
• 2GB random access memory (RAM),
• 4.2 inch touchscreen,
• 1280×768 high definition resolution,
• Qualcomm Adreno 225 Graphics Processing Unit,
• microSD extendable memory card,
• 8 Megapixel rear-facing camera,

• 2 Megapixel front-facing camera,
• Near Field Communication (NFC) capability,
• Bluetooth 4.0,
• Wi-Fi capability,
• USB connection and HDMI capability,
• 1800 mAh long lasting battery.
BB-Z10 is also compact in size and weighs less than 150 grams. This GPS mobile device has touch sensors and light sensors to improve user experience. The smartphone has dual data transfer facility – through NFC when short range connectivity is required and Wi-Fi for remote wireless connection.

The fun element in BB-Z10

As an operating system, BB10 has already proved its worth in the PlayBook tablet. Although, there aren’t a lot of widgets or Live Tiles for different apps at the moment. However, this does leave the home screen uncluttered, thus saving a lot of battery power. The touchscreen functions are rather intuitively simple.
The touchscreen works on four main gestures. A swipe at the bottom of the screen will take you to the home screen. Flick your finger along the right side and you get different apps. When you want to access BlackBerry Hub, just flick your finger across the left hand edge of the screen. For Wi-Fi, notifications, Bluetooth, rotations and angles, etc. you just slide your finger across the top edge of the screen. It is as easy as that!
As a business oriented smartphone BB-Z10 has immense capabilities. The BB Hub integrates email and social networking accounts of users into a single unit. You don’t have to log into different accounts to read the messages. It is as if all the accounts are fitted like a grid on one sheet. The messages and notifications of different accounts are collated and displayed together. With just a swipe you can read any message or mail instantly.
What could possibly be termed as the down side of the BB-Z10 is the onscreen pop-up keyboard that has predictive text capability. This may be easy to use in a tablet. But the smaller screen of a smartphone will create problems people with large fingers. Having to delete the wrong word, reselect from options and tap to select a new word might prove irritating. But process is no different from other smartphones. So predictive texting does not seem like a major disadvantage. On the whole, Blackberry Z10 Smartphone appears to have many attributes in its favor.

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