Apple to Launch a Smaller 4-inch iPhone

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Apple has been busy, what with a new version of its operating system and now there’s talk of a new 4-inch phone. As it is each year, the New Year brings its own share of Apple rumors and we’re hardly into 2013 yet. This time around, we’re hearing that Apple is all set to announce a 4.8” iPhone, called the Math along with a 4” iPhone 5S. Wait, there’s more. There’s talk of a third iPhone with a whopping 12 megapixel camera that will hit the shelves well in time to make your Christmas shopping list. Interesting, wouldn’t you say? Albeit a tad improbable.

The idea behind a smaller, less expensive phone is straightforward. Think about emerging markets like China. Eager for technology but unable to pay a steep price for it, these markets are the right place for Apple to launch a new product such as this. Also, do remember that the company wouldn’t dream of launching a new phone if it didn’t have the capability of producing them in huge numbers. So there might be something in the story, after all.

The new 4 inch phones will have in-cell display technology. There are also plans to manufacture a new phone with a larger screen but the launch date hasn’t been revealed yet. There are definite plans for one of the models to be aimed at a midlevel market range.

The bulk production capacity is especially significant here. The iPhone 5 has been plagued with production issues of in-cell displays. If this is the case with the phones already in existence, it might be a stretch for the company to consider new phones. Considering how the sheer sleekness of the iPhone 5 is achieved because of the in-cell display, it suffices to say that this is an issue that needs immediate handling.

What else do we know about the 4.8” phone? We don’t know much. Nothing about the size, pixels or screen dimensions, for instance. Although Apple does not change pixel density even when it changes screen size, developers speculate on the appearance of their apps across Apple devices. The pixel density consistency makes it easy for apps to work on multiple devices and also prevents platform fragmentation. So not mentioning the pixel density makes this whole story a bit suspect.

But considering that Apple releases one new phone each year, there might be some truth here. Though it might be an update like the 4S, from the iPhone4, rather than a new phone. Whatever the model is, it is expected to be out sometime in June. There’s also news that an iPhone phablet is all set to launch this coming summer. That ought to raise the temperature quite a bit.

The rumors aren’t new. One of the things talked about is the use of plastic to keep costs down. China also seems like a great choice given the success of the iPad Mini. Having a good, sturdy phone with the Apple guarantee can only be a good thing. Apple stands to gain in terms of both revenue and presence from a new market and consumers get to experience something not tried too often.