Nvidia and Qualcomm Working to Bring ARM-Based Windows 8 PCs to Developers

Karl Is WrightMobile Technology

Nvidia has recently announced, that it will be working to release ARM desktop PCs with windows on them, as a test.

ARM, which is a 32-bit reduced instruction set computer (RISC) instruction set architecture (ISA), was developed by ARM holdings. ARM processors are widely used in smart phones, as well as the Apple iPad.

Nvidia is working with Microsoft to have windows put on the ARM test PCs which will be powered by 4 + 1 Tegra 3 SoC architecture.  The purpose of these test PCs will be to allow developers and device manufactures to develop rich application content for ARM PCs.

There is some indication that Tegra 3 4G LTE capable desktops may start appearing once windows on ARM PCs begins hitting the shelves later this year.

Accordingly to unnamed sources, even though Nvidia made no mention of Tegra 3 tablets, Microsoft has a stock of them already on hand for developers to play with.

Qualcomm says it has also joined the Microsoft program for Windows on ARM PCs, and is contributing to the project by handing out snapdragon-based PCs to select developers, for the purpose of creating and optimizing new apps to create an even better user experience. The hope is to begin producing Snapdragon-powered Windows on ARM PCs and tablets.

However with all this change and innovation, there’s some concern that the big powerhouse PCs of the good ol’ days will be closeted, all in favor of smaller PCs, which will use cloud based computing to do everything.

Personally, I like having a laptop that doesn’t need to phone home every 3 seconds to render out a video for me. I’m not saying cloud computing doesn’t have its advantages, but I feel better knowing that all my private stuff, is on a HD, in my room, and not on some server in a giant warehouse.

I think my ideal backup is still to just use a portable ssd to keep a copy of all my stuff.