What 2013 tablet is the best for gaming?

Tom ShannonTablets

Gaming demands that your tablet has a certain set of characteristics, and many of 2013’s best tablets have these in abundance. Games for portable devices aren’t generally hugely demanding, with apps like the online casino, puzzles, side scrollers and even arcade style games mainly being … Read More

5 Apps to Help You Go Green


If you are looking to go green for the greater good of the environment, there are a number of apps that can help you along. These are available for both iPhone and Android devices. Here are some apps to help you go green. Green Genie … Read More

Tablet PCs Vs laptops – which side are you on?

ContributorLaptops, Tablets

Since the appearance of the personal computer in mainstream society a few decades ago our lives have never remained the same. You can’t just stop feeling that sense of emptiness in the absence of this wonderful device. The two major players in this field are … Read More

diy pc to android tablet

Karl Is WrightDIY, Laptops, Tablets

In this DIY I’ll be focusing on how to use your laptop PC like an Android tablet. Why would you want this? Android is a nice little OS, that comes with a lot of fun apps, buy maybe you don’t feel like shelling out $299 … Read More

Modbook 2.0 – Review

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When Andreas Haas, the creator of ModBook Pro re-launched the product in 2012 he stated that the company was looking to create a definite niche. According to him though there were plenty of iPhone and iPad users around, these products did not cater to the … Read More